The Story of Villa Oyster Pearl

The captivating balcony view which convinced me I was in the right place.

The captivating balcony view which convinced me I was in the right place.

For over 30 years, Villa Oyster Pearl has been quietly sitting on the hillside above Dawn Beach.  After hurricane Louis devastated the island, Villa Oyster Pearl stood solemn against the landscape, despite being almost derelict and mostly uninhabited.

Almost 10 years after the devastating hurricane, I travelled to St. Maarten trying to find a place for the benefit myself and my family.  I searched for a place that inspired a connection between building and inhabiter, a hidden and private place to relax and be removed yet not so removed as to sacrifice the great luxuries and services of my previous home.  I found St.  Maarten, the island of 120 nationalities, a 35 square kilometre island that inspired creativity, life and revival.  I had found the smallest island inhabited by two separate countries, and the only village in the world to be separated by a border.  I knew I had found the perfect island for me and my family to retreat, relax and recoup.

While visiting the village of Oyster Pond, a view caught me.  The view that everyone, to this day, stops for.  The energy pulled me to rest, and below the bushes I saw the glimpse of white, the quiet, solemn house which sat content but unkept on the hillside.  It had been delicately preserved by nature, and from then a connection was founded.

That same year I began full restoration and renovation until in 2006 I felt proud enough to christen the residence Villa Oyster Pearl.  Primarily it was used as a personal holiday/vacation home for myself, my family and close friends.  I had the perfect house, the perfect view, and the perfect community; hidden from the world in one of the busiest islands of the Caribbean, peacefully existing in the haven that was Villa Oyster Pearl.  Through careful attention and creative spirit, Villa Oyster Pearl became a place of healing, discovery, growth and recreation.

I began to receive an overwhelmingly positive response from my close friends as to the location, style and environment that I had created in Villa Oyster Pearl.  People began to want to stay in Villa Oyster Pearl while I was away, and thus I started to rent the residence to an exclusive group of people.  Three years on, I have opened my doors to all.

A life changing event took place in September 2017, We we were visited by a rather rude and unruly lady. Irma brought devastation and destruction to our tiny island in the sun. The strongest hurricane in the north Atlantic to date!

I want to thank all those of you that sent messages of support and prayers. Knowing that we were in your thoughts helped us through some very tough times. The villa opened its doors in November 2017. I will not forget those first visitors who couldn’t wait to get back to the Villa and the Island to show there love and support.

Bless you all.

Welcome to Villa Oyster Pearl, the true Pearl of the Caribbean.

Villa Oyster Pearl, nestled on the hillside as seen from the beach.

Villa Oyster Pearl, nestled on the hillside as seen from the beach.