• Please shower before entering the Hot Tub, remove all sand from body and swim wear.

  • No glass ware or food allowed in the Hot Tub area.

  • Please supervise all children and those behaving like children!

  • Always replace the cover of the Hot Tub and secure it.

  • Use at your own risk.

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Pure Water Hot Tub by Ecosmarte

No more red eyes, green hair, salt or chlorine taste. This Hot Tub is a no chemical pure water Hot Tub.

ECOsmarte®takes a proven technology one step further, completely eliminating the need for sanitation chemicals or for adding toxic staining silver to your water. ECOsmarte's technology is superior to chemical treatment and more effective than any other alternative methods available. ECOsmarte®has become a market leader in advanced pool purification products.


Balboa Spa Side controle.

  • First Jets button is for the blower

  • Second Jets button is for the ‘Jets’

  • Temp button increases or decreases the Spa Temperature

  • Light button switches on and off the Spa light

  • The screen shows the present temperature of the Spa as well as any error messages.

Spa side controle

Spa side controle

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hot tub cover

Please do not step on the cover or allow children to play on it. To open lift the handle by the Spa side controller and fold over. You can then remove the central support. Please note the central line and upward direction of the support for when it comes time to replace the cover. The next part of the operation is best done from inside the Hot Tub. Slide the cover onto the wooden rails adjacent to the stone path, as shown by the picture no the left. Always replace the cover after use and place the wooden beam on top of the cover. A sudden squall can generate winds that can send the cover flying into the garden if it is not secured. Without the cover the Spa will loose temperature and garden debris can enter the filtration system.